Win Chanseus The Great Summoner Tournament Hosted By Amplify Brokerage

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Been a while I wrote a post that is partainng to steemmonster even thou am very active with the game and I don’t really know why my activities about it on hive was put on hold. I decided to view the event section and I saw this tournament hosted by @amplifybrokerage and I joined with other participants. 251 participant participated in the tournament, was first surprised when I saw myself in the single elimination battle but thanks to my yodinlous zaku which I brought some days ago, I was able to win that round. All our summoners was reduced to level 1-3 but mine with level 1 and level 2.

Each round was really funny because I was just praying within me to win so that they wont defeat me as they use to do during other tournment. One of my prayer was that I should see a big mana cap battle so I can make use of yodin zaku which was in level one but realy strong because of the blast ability it possess, imagine all your monster card having one blast ability each especially when you are using a strong monster like Goblin Mech or Spirit Miner with the dodge ability or you now use double strike ability with it you will surely win that kind of battle. Yodin Zaku is one great summoner you need to have.

I really try but was sent packing in round 5, top 16, I think I came 9th which is really a good one at least I will receive the 400 dec and use it to level up some cards. Need to enter more tournament to test my monster ability

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It's nice to know that you enjoyed the tournament and winning the 9th position is good, you're right.
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