CineTv Tournament results

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The CineTv splinterlands tournament was a learning experience for me. For the first time, I came as third on the leaderboard. It was fun playing the old-time tournament matches instead of the usual Anytime tourneys which is now the format but tournament hosts can opt for the spot plays too and I opted for this so that new players get a feel of the old-time plays. Unfortunately for them and maybe fortunately for me, many players did not end up checking in and I got the third place.

Thanks to @raymondspeaks who kindly consented to holding another tournament and giving me the freedom to do so.


Champion - @stealthtrader
Second prize - @tj70903
Third prize - @sayee

All of the participants played well and all of the players got tokens as well. So, it was a win-win situation.

Let us hope the new players of @splinterlands will find this game just as interesting as it is to all of us and hope it gets an, even more, wider attention and fame it truly deserves.

Congratulations to all players and do check out


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