Welcome to the home of censorship resistance news - a cryptocurrency news Community is born!

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Hi, my name is Omar Bham, and I have a YouTube channel that has dedicated itself to being a cryptocurrency resource since 2016. As a crypto advocate, I realize the important of having a center where you can share content, with a focus on censorship resistance.

Here, I hope you enjoy sharing anything that comes to mind related to cryptocurrency news, or related (such as finance).
Please refrain from sharing affiliate links, paid promotional content, or ponzi-structured promos.

Cheers, share, and enjoy!


Hi Omar,

you should also re-steem your post, than it is also visible in your blog.
Currently it's only visible inside this community and your followers feed.


Dope! Subscribed :)

Thanks!! Happy to have you, Fredrikaa..welcome

Hi Omar, great initiative i will share great news from Unibright, not afflilate not paid promotional content or not pozni. Great stuff from cryptocurrency space. Anyone feel free to check it out.

Sounds good! Welcome, and thank you... I'll check it out.

It's about time steemit did something new.


Hey hey hey!

Nice! Looking forward to seeing this community develop. Thanks for sharing it on Twitter too man!

Thanks to you as well! This could be big for Steemit (as in, communities). Appreciate you being a founding member... one of the original three, pretty sure.


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I am glad to see this. It is good to expand the community base and one such as this is really needed.

Hopefully some of your YouTube followers come over and join.

Way to make a community. Subscribed looking forward to. The facebook groupd was mostly interesting a couple years ago.

Thanks a lot! Welcome :)

Been a big fan for 3+ years. Your news show offered a few moments of sanity during the earlier days and helped me hold strong for the bigger picture you regularly discussed. Keep it going.

Really glad to see you make a community @crypt0. Now if you start sharing your videos on 3Speak as well as youtube, we'll really be kickin :)

Nice to see you created a community @crypt0!

I tweeted at you some time ago about it, not sure if you saw. :D but joined and will keep an eye out to curate some! :)

Count me in!

The community will become a place for learning many things. Of course this will have a good effect on us all. For me this is an opportunity to learn and earn too.

Hi @crypt0 nice initiative. Subscribed. 😊

Nice Omar!

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Hi @Cryt0'sNews greetings. And well done for given birth to this community. I love to also contribute here. Thanks for this effort.

I've seen a few videos of you on youtube, it's cool to have you join Steem. Subscribed!

Welcome 🙏! I will be following it closely 😉

Hey @crypt0 us lepers still here, how are you doing? Glad you are still on board here with us, maybe you should do a full video edition for youtubers on what steem is, how it works, the games that exist within the Steem blockchain, the fact it has an APR for steem power holders (pre DEFI), blah blah and blah Steem blah blah Steem blah blah Steem Power blah blah blah cryptocurrrency.
Take care.

I watch all your stuff daily so glad Omar you are creating a community! Subscribing. Make sure to make a badge btw!

Subscribed! Excited to see you create a community Omar!

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Hey Bro Great work you do!! I watched your video other day about YouTube and IVAN!! I agree with a lot of your thoughts 👍

Congratulations @crypt0!
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I started to enter this community, and provide information about market activities or crypto prices here, can I apply it here? :)

Always have loved your content Omar, great idea making a community!

glad to be here, thanks @crypt0

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