Standing close to a Flesh Golem is a bad idea

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Any time I don't use Lord Arianthus as my summoner, I get a little fidgety about the outcome of the battle. However, in this battle where I employed the services of the self-healing Flesh Golem, I got the better of Lord Arianthus and a couple of other legendary monsters with the help of my sparsely upgraded rare monsters.


Rarity: COMMON
Element: EARTH
ABILITIES: Healing at level 3; Void at level 7

The Battle
link to battle

Okay, so the combatants are ready for this battle, but first, here are the rules

Battle Rules

image.png Shoot arrows from the frontline

Everybody has equal health

The Summoner

The summoner of choice is none other than Delwyn Dragonscale. This summoner is the best out of my deck and using it ensures that I can use my monsters in their best potential. It also gives magic monsters a boost, and with my team relying mostly on Magic users, it put me at an advantageous position.

The Tank

The flesh Golem was used as the tank primarily because of its healing ability. In terms of offensive ability, it really doesn't offer much, and at level 3, it also doesn't offer any resistance to magic or melee/ranged damage. The whole point of putting it in front was to buy my team enough time to do damage.

Blast Reflector

Whenever I have the freedom to pick high manner cards, I always find a way to introduce prismatic energy into the mix. I never use it as a tank, but instead, I place is somewhere around the tank, particularly when I suspect that my opponent might use monsters with magic that have blast ability.

Scavenging Birdie

The Screeching vulture is one ugly monster but whatever it lacks in appeal, it makes up for it in ability. Employing the birdie in this battle was for strategic reasons; Accumulate as much health as possible before going into the frontline. I placed the birdie with scavenging ability behind Prismatic energy because I reckon once my tank died, my opponent's tank won't be far away. So, the birdie will have at least accumulated some health from those two and then go straight into the fray.


What's a splinterlands battle without a healer, am I right? Yeah, the wood Nymph was kept in the middle of the pack to get the best out of her healing ability. I tried to centralise her position to ensure that she stays as far away from potential Sneak monsters and of course front row damage.

The Poison

The mushroom seer has grown into one of my favourite cards in the game because of the tactical improvement it gives the team. First of all, in its base form, it reduces the magic ability of my opponent's deck and at this current level, thanks to the extra boost from Delwyn Dragonscale, it also leaves a poisonous memento of its attack.

Plug the Healing

Last and certainly not the least, we have the Serpentine mystic. The snakehead magic-user is from the Dragon side of life and it has this fascinating ability where it cuts off healing ability. You know, the plague. I put it at the rear end of the team because I figured it needs to land one or two hits before it drops the plague. I like using monsters with plague to ensure that I don't suffer at the hands of a super healing tank.

Take this battle where Lord Arianthus was my opponent: if my opponent had one or two frontline healers in the team, I would have really suffered but with this plague merchant, I get to worry less.

In Summary

This was yet another good battle that due to how things went my way, sort of seemed like I did something special. On this day, a team containing three legendary cards was defeated by a team of commons and rares. It goes to show that sometimes it is not necessarily about how fancy your cards but about how well you set up your team.

With that said though, perhaps it would have been better to have Lord Arianthus in front since my opponent resorted to using magic monsters. Lord Arianthus would have been the best cushion and of course reflector for the occasion. Aided by the healing Wood Nymph, the ugly head in a jar would have done plenty of damage.

Get In The Game

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Thank you for your Fleshy Challenge. 🙂



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