The undead army swept through town like a Soulstorm

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Zombies, ghouls, creepy crawlies, Skeleton assassins; Death SPlinter is home to monsters that make your skin crawl. I mean, they do well in battle, but I assure you, you won't want to run into any of them while taking a lonely walk through a dark path with a cemetery around.

Out of all the weirdos and ghouls you find on the death side of town, I think Soulstorm is the...mildest of the lot, if you may. I mean, it is still messed up, considering it is a cluster of wandering souls that were illegally harvested(is there legal harvesting?) but yeah, at least they're not scary by choice.

Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: EPIC
Element: DEATH
ABILITIES: Flying at level 1; Snare at level 2; Headwinds at level 3; Stun at level 6

The Battle

link to battle

The rules:

Mana cap: 21

image.png- Silenced Summoners

Every battle has unique rules and these rules always affect how I decide to set up my team. The rules for this battle particularly affected the choice of summoner I went with.

The Summoner

Jarlax is one of the summoners I picked up from the leasing market, and thanks to it, I have been able to go into battles confidently with my death monsters. Since it is a level 5 Epic summoner, I get maximum buffs from all the cards at my disposal but that's not even the best part.

So you remember the battle rules right? Well, summoners are silenced anyways and since this low mana costing epic card offers no buffs to my team, it is literally the best possible choice for this set up. Costing only 2 mana and then being unbothered by being silent, it played right into my plans for the day.

The Tank

I can't stress how vital Lord Arianthus is for any of my plans in this game. It is the ultimate tank and I almost always keep it in front, as long as rules permit.

On this day, it had the same role it always plays in my setups; take as many hits as possible to give my team members time to do proper damage, and of course, reflect magic. It served its purpose and after taking many hits, and weakening the healer granny on my opponent's team, it died like a hero.

Pace killer

Whenever I go into low mana cap battles with equaliser, I like to have as many bodies in the game. In this sort of battles, I've always felt that the emphasis is on quantity, rather than the quality of cards available. So, the creeping ooze got in because it is first and foremost going to slow my opponent's down but also because I will need another body in between my critical cards and direct hits in the frontline.

Direct Poison

Spidey got into the team solely because it had that poisonous bite in its attack. The plan was to slowly drain the health of whoever gets the nod in my opponent's front line. I took the possibility of a healer into consideration but all that didn't matter thanks to the annulling ability of Silvershield Bard in my opponent's team.

Rear Poison

The front row prisoner didn't work out because of the Bard but the assassin did its job quite well. Its job pretty straightforward; strike with precision and drop a poisonous reminder for anyone you hit.

Eye of the Storm

Soulstorm had one job; strike hard and fast. On a different day, I probably would have gone with a vampire since it has life leech ability, but this works quite well too.

I put it at the back of the pack because it has plenty of speed and that flight ability that makes it elusive, in the event of a hard-hitting sneak monster in my opponent's team.

Healer stopper

Last but not the least we have this skeleton archer that reminds me of something I've seen in an Indiana Jones movie. The point of adding this archer was to cancel out any healer in the opponent's team. It would have been a perfect plan too, had it been the bard wasn't getting in my way.

It worked out

Well, yeah, I won the battle at the end of the day but that was after a drawn-out occasion that I would have liked to avoid. I was fairly confident I was going to win because of my skeleton assassin doing premium damage from the back but if my opponent had anybody with a spike or some monster with dodge ability, I might not have been so lucky.

Hindsight changes?

Well, in hindsight, I probably should have used a vampire instead of the Soulstorm. That little guy would have drained so much health from the gelatinous cube, that I would not have gotten so nervous at the thought of fatigue making the outcome of the battle a draw.

Get In The Game

If you enjoyed this battle and would like to join the game, you can join with my affiliate link below and we'd both stand the chance of getting a gold foiled legendary monster that could be worth like $100


oeee those abilities on the soulstorm at level 6 seems really attractive..

okay gotta save up to get some more then!

It'll be a menace in earthquake battles

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Whoooooo, Lord A. at the font.
Fantastic lineup.
You've written a very cool title for this post.
Keep battling.

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