Who needs shoes when you have a pick axe like the Kobold Miner?

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The limitless possibilities in Splinterlands ensure that it is almost impossible to use the same tactics twice. The quality and level of your cards play a large role in determining the outcome of the fight, but at the end of the day, tactics play the all-important role.

Rarity: COMMON
Element: FIRE
ABILITIES: Sneak at level 1
PRICE: $0.4(at the time of writing)

The Kobold miner is a beta/alpha card from the old days and it is at a centre stage today. This level 3 miner was leased to me and it always comes in handy in low mana or reverse speed battles. The card costs approximately 10cents per piece or 4 cents if you want to buy a maxed-out version. It is one of those monsters that have the propensity to make a telling difference in battle.

The Battle

The battle rules fell kindly for the use of my kobold miner because of its low level and lack of speed. It also gave me the opportunity to put my hardly used Lava monster in front and of course the spider thingy with the snipe ability for an extra kick.

Battle Rules

The Summner

When I started the game, Marlric was my favourite summoner but not solely because he boosts Melee but because added to that, the monsters available in my fire Splinter are pretty badass compared to the rest. I think over the years, I focused too much energy into this pack and ended up neglecting the others that needed work.

My Marlric is a level 4 Summoner and in this battle, I used him because;

  • It is a low mana battle, thus necessitating the need for “mana savings”
  • My fire splinter has the common and rare monsters
Hard Boiled

The Lava monster was the tank for this battle and one of my favourite tanks for reverse battles besides Lord Arianthus. If this battle allowed Legendary, Lord A would obviously take a lead role but in this battle situation, the lava monster was perfect.

Since it is a reverse speed battle, this monster turns out to be the “fastest” in battle, and with an attack of “4” melee thanks to Marlric’s boost, it will do damage real quick. The other reason I put this monster as the tank for this battle is that it has that shield ability and so, in the event that my opponent decides to rely on Melee and/or ranged monsters, I’d have a very sturdy rock in between them and my backline.


My Kobold miner had ONE clear instruction and it did it to perfection. I guess what makes the Kobold miner more suited for this battle is that it is still a level 3, and so has low speed and will invariably work better in reverse speed battles.

The Kobold miner offered an astonishing “3” damage to the rear guard of my opponent’s team and complimented my Lava Monster quite well. It was a lovely combination of two monsters that I’d hardly ever use in the first place to devastating effect.

Sneaky Beetle

In similar fashion to the Kobold Miner, the spider had one clear purpose with its snipe ability. Unfortunately for my opponent, the ranged monster in his/her team was situated at the extreme rear of the lineup, so it received a double hit from the Kobold miner and the spider.

It turned out to be a quick death for the unfortunate tree, and in hindsight, if it were higher rated with healing ability, perhaps things might have gone differently.

Furious Sacrifice

Last and very important for the whole setup was the furious chicken. I’ve generally used the furious chicken as a sacrifice in battles like this. I put it at the back because I was hoping it would give me a fragile shield in the event of opportunity or sneak monster from the same place.

The chicken turned out to be a masterstroke, as it actually evaded on the attack from the screeching vulture and in turn, gave me an extra round of taking, as well as giving hits.

It worked out

Sometimes, simple tactics work out in battle and you have to hold your hand up and just be grateful. Victory in this battle was as a result of a couple of things that includes the better position of monsters, opponent’s dependence on ranged/melee monsters and the fact that their monsters weren’t also higher rated.

I took advantage of the rules and bent it to my favour, thus making the battle seem like a stroll in the park. That’s the interesting thing about Splinterlands battles; you could win a battle easily because your team was 8perfect* and you could lose that same battle if one minor issue that seems infinitesimal is out of place.

Could Have Done Differently?

I guess I could have used a monster with magic, but I avoided that because all my magic monsters have high speed and I was also wary of any magic reflector like failed summoner. So, yeah, perhaps squeezing in one magic user would have been more effective.

Final Words

The battle went my way on the day, so I can’t complain too much. In every battle, I always try to put my best foot forward and my tactics are to simply focus on myself, rather than what my opponent may or may not do.

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