Manchurian Candidate [My Favorite LOLitician] [The Attributes Of Donald Trump].

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I want to say thank you @bdcommunity and the team members for this great opportunity to improve my writing skills, knowledge and makes me read a lot. I which to become someone that will be delegated to bdcommunity because it is indeed a great platform which have benefited me in many ways.

The politician I admired most in my life is Donald Trump, his charisma, patience, self-confidence, business mentality, enthusiastic, visionary, cares, boldness and leadership skills

Donald Trump is 45th president of United States who contested three times before he finally won and he was inaugurated on January 20, 2017 under Republican party.

He's my role model in politics, many politicians have given up after his first attempt. Trump did not give up until he achieved his aim of becoming the US president. This attribute always helps me in anything am doing. I must achieve any target I set for myself.

I was watching some of his campaign in CNN in 2016 for some of the promising he made. He campaign against illegal immigrants entering the country from other parts of the world. The negative impact of illegal immigrants is so enormous in economics and job opportunities for the citizens. He signed a memorandum in 2018 that any illegal immigrants should be deported with immediate effect.

Trump was so worry about United States-Mexican border because is the major way for illegal immigrants. He signed a document to build the wall. I have not been to US but I believe that the population of illegal immigrants would have been reduced.

Trump blocked about six country from obtaining certain types of Visa which included Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania due to US security standard. Though, I don't know now maybe the ban has been lifted, but all what I know is that, he's trying to curb the problem of illegal immigrants.

Another attribute that I love so much is that Trump is a business tycoon, he's into real estate before he became president. Because of the work load, he handed the business to his son. He is very good in business which I am still learning today.

Presently his achievement is undeniable in US. Some citizens are happy for cutting the tax rate from 35% to 21% , providing benefits to the citizens, and established the six branch of US Armed Forces.

I love to get CONFIDENCE like Trump, I listened to his speech, he never lacked what he will say and he will say it with confidence. I watched his campaign Rally in several occasions and his speech. I lacked confidence and am developing myself to get over it. He's is one of my mentors in that aspect.

His VISION to achieve peace and prosperity in Israel and Palestine. Negotiating to make long lasting peace reign in the both regions. The two countries has been fighting each other for long time without resolution. Trump brought agreement that will ends rivalry and conflict.

In my own perception, Trump must be someone that CARES a lot. I could remember during the pick of covid-19, i read in the news that Americans will be given certain amounts of money for feeding everyday. Though, his speech over George Floyd Death was something else that may have the effects deepening racial rifts.

Trump is a LEADER, some people believed Trump has gone against what leader should be. They think leaders should be careful communicators. But one thing about him is that, "he means what he say and he will say what he means". This is what we called transparency and sincerity. There are leaders today in every part of the word, they will never meant what they say. They will promise and and fail.Trump will tell you the fact. I think that is where many people got him wrong. The world does not like people who always say the truth.

Trump is a RELIGIOUS president, to be world president is a big tax. Even the grassroot politicians in my area forgot to serve God. The forgot to go church or mosque. Trump is still going to church, praying and holds early devotion at Whitehouse. This is how you will know a man that have a heart for God. He never compromised his faith based on his position. There are many people who are not leaders that forget their Creator.
No matter how perfect you are, you will still have a flaw because we are humans that prompt to mistake. Therefore, don't expect 100% from human like you.

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