Trade Mania: My Biggest Flop In Trading

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Hello friends, it is a great opportunity to be in this platform. I love this platform a lot and my love for bdcommunity can never diminished. The topic of this contest is so straight and good. I love the topic so much. I want to say thank you the moderator of this contest. I really appreciate your effort for keeping us engaging and makes this community one of the best in the hive.
When I started trading last year, I have more than $300 in my Luno account, I started trading with the money during coronavirus pandemic. I traded for months. But I did not have depth knowledge of trading. When the price rose up, I sold off my bitcoin and withdrawal my money to my local bank.
The major reason I sold it was the hunger I was experiencing, because I quite my job then. I was at home for 7 months, no job, no money. I decided to sell my bitcoin. After few months I sold my bitcoin. The price of bitcoin increased, I got angry because it was an opportunity for me to trade and earn big.
This is the last time I sold my bitcoin and I sold it very cheap. It was a big Flop. Today, bitcoin has crossed over $50,000 and if I have left my bitcoin $300 bitcoin, I would have gotten up to $910 approximated #346, 710 in my currency. That is big money. Bitcoin has become hot cake now and to buy bitcoin now is costly.
I also made a big mistakes in Ethereum: I got 2 Ethereum from someone because I won the contest in the instagram; it was about $290 . I was trading with my ethereum during coronavirus. I sold all my ethereum at the rate of $270; I lost $40 because it was going deep, I used the money to buy many things, I paid my house rent because my landlord gave me 3 months and the months had elapsed. I wasn't have any money to trade again.
A few weeks later, when there was a surge increase in bitcoin; the price of ethereum also skyrocketed. I have nothing left in my wallet and am regretting now. I would have gotten so much bitcoin and ethereum by now.
I am coming back to trading in few weeks time, I have been trying to raised money to get back on the track. Some of my friends we started together have become big boy in my area.
This is my Flop because I had opportunity to borrow loan from bank. I thought, using my money would ease me from bank pressure. If I collected loan from bank, I would have gotten enough money to pay back and also continue my trading. It was a big lost and flop.
Am using this opportunity to invite @josehany