My best summoner Camilla

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I am always happy whenever I see Camilla win i the battle and if anyone should ask me what my best dragon summoner is I would shout Camilla Sungazer back with a scream. If you haven't max this card please go and do so now, asides the fact that its a melee summoner and deadly in battle, it will also give you an edge over whatever summoner your opponent is coming with and things can only go wrong if your opponents is coming with a summoner that is in favor of the battle.

You know how sometimes we tend to go with our own team by not following the rules slated by the battle itself and at the end of the day we get to win. Camilla is one of those things that do it for me and I am partial to it due to me not having good leveled summoner and so Camilla is my saving grace to win some battles in champions level with my imbecile and maxed cards.

Whenever she is been used in the melee battle, she ends up being the star girl of the show and the fact that she shines bright like the sun helps it blind the eyes of her opponents monster in battle. God bless whoever created this summoner cos she sure lookkkssss great and acts like it.

Battle link

This is one of my best battle for today because I was able to beat sportgeek with my camilla. I know this account has some maxed cards and great summoners and so in a low mana battle I couldnt go with my usual predictable death or earth teams that comprises of skeletal assasin, failed summoner, earth elemental among other monsters with low mana. So I went with Camila and two other interesting monsters.

Rule: Odd ones out; only monsters with odd mana costs may be used in the battle.


Battle Mana Cap: 17


My Team:

My opponent came at me with Fire team of Living Lava and War Chang who both have the thorn, rust, shield, retaliate and trample ability between them. They came prepared to win this battle by giving me automatic rust of -2 in my team armor but then, I gave them a little surprise with my team below.


First was with my beautiful agile monster Camilla the Sungazer whose physical challenge did not limit her physical prowess on the battle field. I believe her power is birthed from the ability she possessed from staring at the sun till she got blind. I bet you nobody has that kind of power on splinterlands even the so called kings and queens of various world.


Second is the lord of all darkness, ruler of the underworld with its enrage, stun, shield and retaliate abilities, he fought like a king that he is and won me my battle with his fierce energy. Named Lagfeal in the past, he is the most powerful man in the Dark Eternal Kingdom and he is using this same power on the battlefield.


Lastly is the efficient Gold Dragon whose magical ability lies in her self healing, flying ability and powerful blast. He is the only living Golden Dragon whose magic and armor are the greatest.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Hey IFE...
Nice review.

Camilla is a very nice summoner, yeah.
I'm in the progress in liking this summoner and I bought some cards long before and leveled up.