SPLINTERLANDS -- That was An Easy Win Using "LIVING LAVA"

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The Great Warriors Of Splinterlands,

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day.
Mine is going as usual.

Welcome back to my another splinterlands post.

Today I am going to share with you how easy it was to win the match using "LIVING LAVA(RARE Fire Monster)".

  • you can watch the battle direct from splinterlands official website from the link I have given below.

  • Link Of The Match

About The Match:

  • In this battle mana cap was 26
  • And the battle rule was "STANDARD".

Screenshot (585).png

I was using my LIVING LAVA in level 1, FIRE ELEMENTAL in level 1, SERPENTINE SPY in level 1, ELVEN MYSTIC in level 1 and SPARK PIXIES in level 1.

Now Let Me introduced you with The Cards I have Used In The Battle.



Pyre was discovered by the Torch on a research expedition into the heart of the Smoldering Forest. Once they deciphered his crude method of communication, they discovered that he was the last of a tribe of forest magicians, and that he possessed the full skills of a summoner, plus some tricks they had never seen. They took the boy and gave him a new life, summoning for the Torch in the Mount Mox tournaments. Source

NO 1: LIVING LAVA(RARE Fire Monster)

Living Lava.png

My LIVING LAVA is in level 1 with 3 Melee attack, 1 Speed, 6 Health and 2 Shield with "SHIELD" ability.
It needs 07 Mana to use.


Fire Elemental.png

My FIRE ELEMENTAL is in level 1 with 2 Ranged attack, 4 Speed, 2 Health with "BLAST" ability.
It needs 05 Mana to use.


Serpentine Spy.png

My SERPENTINE SPY is in level 1 with 2 Melee attack, 3 Speed, 1 Health with "OPPORTUNITY" ability.
It needs 03 Mana to use.

NO 4: ELVEN MYSTIC(RARE Neutral Monster)

Elven Mystic.png

My ELVEN MYSTIC is in level 1 with 1 Magic attack, 2 Speed, 3 Health .
It needs 04 Mana to use.


Spark Pixiess.png

My SPARK PIXIES is in level 1 with 2 Ranged attack, 5 Speed, 1 Health with "FLYING" ability.
It needs 04 Mana to use.

Here Is Some ScreenShots Of The Battle

Screenshot (556).png

As I was using "PYRE" summoner which has ability to increase the speed +1, my monster's speed increased

Screenshot (557).png

Screenshot (558).png

Screenshot (559).png

Screenshot (577).png

Screenshot (592).png

Screenshot (593).png

At round 1, 13th hit, my opponent lost Melee attack monster. That was the only one he/she was using.

Screenshot (594).png

At round 1, I lost my FIRE ELEMENTAL card. This was the only card I lost in this battle.

Screenshot (572).png

Screenshot (578).png

Screenshot (579).png

After that my opponent was having only Ranged attack monster.

Screenshot (580).png

Screenshot (581).png

So It's Became very easy for me to defeat his/her monsters.

Screenshot (582).png

Screenshot (586).png

That's why after that I didn't lost any of my monsters card.

Screenshot (587).png

Screenshot (588).png

At the 4th hit of the round 4, I blow the final hit and win the battle.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (583).png

As I won this match, I got 0.378 Dec and +23 League Rating.

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That's All For Today.

Thanks for reading the post to the end. I'll come back with another splinterlands blog again.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It's nice to see that you're experimenting cards on your own.
Well fought there.
I think I've already suggested you couple things for getting higher rewards so you might wanna take a look again on my previous comment.
Keep on playing.