SPLINTERLANDS -- The "Noxious Fumes" Battle Role Killed All My Enemy Monsters.

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Screenshot (1867).png

Greetings Splinterlands Warriors,

I hope all of you are very well and playing more #Splinterlands games. Actually now a days, I am playing this game vary much.

About The Match:

Screenshot (1865).png

  • After almost 6 days later yesterday, I was playing the game, and I found a match that was the "Noxious Fumes" battle rule and Mana Cap was 30.

  • As the battle rule was "Noxious Fumes" Which was completely new to me, I did not understand which monster should be selected.

  • Due to "Noxious Fumes" rule, all monsters start the battle poisoned.

  • You can watch the battle direct from splinterlands official website from the link I have given below.
    Link Of The Match

Screenshot (1867).png

I was using my EARTH Summoner "Wizard of Eastwood" along with "UNICORN MUSTANG" in level 1, "GOBLIN THIEF" in level 1, "SPIRIT SHAMAN" in level 1, "MITICA HEADHUNTER" in level 1, "CHILD OF THE FOREST" in level 1.

Now Let Me introduced you with The Cards I have Used In The Battle.

The Wizard of Eastwood is the long-time rival of the Magi of the Forest. The Magi no longer summons, but teaches new summoners from his Summoner's Green school in the Western Forest. The Wizard of Eastwood, who had chosen a life of selfish seclusion so many years ago, has suddenly returned as a formidable contending summoner to the Mount Mox tournaments.Source

It cost 03 mana cap and has the ability to decrease -2 Armor from every enemy monsters.


"UNICORN MUSTANG" is a Rare Earth monster which has the "VOID"ability. At level one, this monster comes with,

3 Melee attack
4 Speed
10 Health.

The "VOID" ability is really interesting. This ability reduce the damage from Magic attack. "UNICORN MUSTANG" is one of kind monster with high damage and health.

It cost only 08 mana to use in the battle.

NO 2: NO 2: GOBLIN THIEF(COMMON Earth Monster)

"GOBLIN THIEF" is a COMMON Earth Monster Which has the "Sneak" ability with,

2 Melee attack
2 Speed
3 Health.

As it has the "Sneak" ability, It always hits the last enemy monster card. This is actually a plus point cause this card can take down some Ranged or Magic attack monster really quick as most them used in last.

It cost only 4 mana to use in the battle.


"SPIRIT SHAMAN"is a EPIC Earth Monster which has the "DIVINE SHIELD" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

1 Magic attack,
3 Speed,
4 Health
with "DIVINE SHIELD" ability.

"SPIRIT SHAMAN" is one of my favorite monster card. With it's "DIVINE SHIELD" ability it can ignore the first attack from any opponent monsters.

It cost only 4 mana to use in a battle


"MITICA HEADHUNTER" is an EPIC Earth monster which has the "Snare" ability. At level one, this monster comes with,

4 Ranged attack
5 Speed
5 Health.

"MITICA HEADHUNTER" is very useful in any battle. This monster has a huge damage power of 4 Ranged attack and with it's 5 Speed, It has no chance of missing the hit.

It cost only 08 mana to use in the battle.


"CHILD OF THE FOREST" is a Rare Earth monster which is has no ability and it comes with,

1 Ranged attack
5 Speed
3 Health.

Mostly I don't use this card but sometimes when I can't get any better card due to low mana cost only then I use this card. But as it has 5 Speed sometimes it works very well in battle.

It cost only 03 mana to use in the battle.

Here Is Some Screen Shots Of The Battle:

Screenshot (1874).png

  • I was using EARTH Summoner "Wizard of Eastwood" which reduce -2 shield from every enemy monsters. So enemy monster "GOBLINE MRCH" lost two of it's shield.

  • My opponent was using FIRE Summoner "PYRE" which increase +1 speed to all friendly monsters. So all the enemy monsters gain +1 speed.

Screenshot (1875).png

Screenshot (1877).png

Screenshot (1883).png

From the very beginning of the battle my "UNICORN MUSTANG" was getting a lot damageable hits from my opponent monsters. Enemy monster "FIRE ELEMENTAL" with it's 2 Ranged attack power, "GOBLIN CHARIOT" with it's 2 Ranged attack power and "GOBLIN MECH" with it's 4 Melee attack power hits hard on my"UNICORN MUSTANG". It lost 8 Health out of 10.

Screenshot (1905).png

Screenshot (1906).png

Screenshot (1889).png

My "MITICA HEADHUNTER" and "UNICORN MUSTANG" countered. These two monster, one with 3 Melee attack power and another with 4 Ranged attack power takes down 3 shield and 3 Health from opponent's monster "GOBLIN MECH".

Screenshot (1890).png

Now at this point, just look at the health of every enemy monsters. Only 4 monsters left. 3 of them with only 2 health and 1 with only 1 health. Due to "Noxious Fumes" battle rule, all monsters will be poisoned after each and every round and will lost -2 health.

If we talk about the rule of "Earthquake", we can avoid the damage because of earthquake by using "Flying" ability monsters. But this time no chance. Every monster will get damaged.

Screenshot (1891).png

Screenshot (1892).png

Screenshot (1894).png

Screenshot (1895).png

Screenshot (1896).png

So at the beginning of round 2, each enemy monster was poisoned and they all lost -2 health. As you had seen that 3 of enemy monster was having only two health, all of the enemy monsters died due to this poisoned damage. I was just watching all the enemy monsters was getting effected by poison and dying one by one. I didn't have to fight with them on second round.

Screenshot (1897).png

Screenshot (1898).png

Screenshot (1899).png

I also lost 3 of my monsters due to "Noxious Fumes" rule. "UNICORN MUSTANG", "GOBLIN THIEF", "CHILD OF THE FOREST" these 3 monster was very low on health. So due to that damage these 3 monsters died. But hey I was having 2 more card "SPIRIT SHAMAN" , "MITICA HEADHUNTER" alive in the battle. So I won the Battle.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (1900).png

As I won this match, I got 2.27 Dec and +68 League Rating.

That's All For Today.

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Looks like quite a battle indeed!