SPLINTERLANDS -- You Should Have To Choose Your Monsters According To The Battle Rule.

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Greetings Splinterlands Warriors,

I hope all of you are very well and playing more #Splinterlands games. Actually now a days, I am playing this game vary much.

About The Match:

  • So recently I was playing the game, and I found a match and that was a "Earthquake"rule battle and Mana Cap was 28.

  • As the battle rule was "Earthquake" So I was very careful about choosing the monsters for this battle.

  • Due to "Earthquake" rule, all the "Non-flying" monsters will take 2 Melee attack damage after end of each round.

  • So I was trying take the "Flying" ability monsters as much as possible for this battle.

  • you can watch the battle direct from splinterlands official website from the link I have given below.
    Link Of The Match

Screenshot (1687).png

I was using my EARTH Summoner "Wizard of Eastwood" along with "NECTAR QUEEN" in level 1, "SPIRIT SHAMAN" in level 1, "SCREECHING VULTURE" in level 1, "TOWER GRIFFIN" in level 1.

Now Let Me introduced you with The Cards I have Used In The Battle.

SUMMONER: Wizard of Eastwood(RARE Earth Summoner)

The Wizard of Eastwood is the long-time rival of the Magi of the Forest. The Magi no longer summons, but teaches new summoners from his Summoner's Green school in the Western Forest. The Wizard of Eastwood, who had chosen a life of selfish seclusion so many years ago, has suddenly returned as a formidable contending summoner to the Mount Mox tournaments.Source

It cost 03 mana cap and has the ability to decrease -2 Armor from every enemy monsters.


"NECTAR QUEEN" is a COMMON Earth Monster which has the "Flying" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

4 Melee attack,
2 Speed,
10 Health
with "FLYING" ability.

I still remember getting this card as a reward in the Daily Quest. It is very powerful and damageable card with it's 4 Melee attack. and also it can take a lot of damage from the enemy monsters because of huge health(10).

It cost only 9 mana to use in a battle.


"SPIRIT SHAMAN" is a EPIC Earth Monster which has the "DIVINE SHIELD" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,
1 Magic attack,
3 Speed,
4 Health
with "DIVINE SHIELD" ability.

"SPIRIT SHAMAN" is one of my favorite monster card. With it's "DIVINE SHIELD" ability it can ignore the first attack from any opponent monsters.

It cost only 4 mana to use in a battle


"SCREECHING VULTURE" is a COMMON Earth Monster which comes with 2 abilities. At level 1, this monster comes with,

1 Melee attack,
2 Speed,
2 Health
with "FLYING" and "Opportunity" ability.

I still remember getting this "SCREECHING VULTURE" card as a reward in the last Season League. I was in Bronze 2 last season and when I opened my reward box I got this monster.

It cost only 3 mana to use in a battle.

NO 4: TOWER GRIFFIN(RARE Neutral Monster)

My "TOWER GRIFFIN" is in level 1 with

1 Ranged attack,
3 Speed,
3 Health
with "FLYING" ability.

"TOWER GRIFFIN" is a RARE Neutral Monster which I don't use that much because It has a low damage as well as low health. But as the rule was "EARTHQUAKE" and I need flying ability card. It cost only 4 mana to use. was very fit for this battle.

It cost only 4 mana to use in a battle.

Here Is Some ScreenShots Of The Battle:

Screenshot (1689).png

"SPIRIT SHAMAN" and "TOWER GRIFFIN" start the attack from my side first as they are having most speed. These hits on opponent's Melee monster "HAUNTED SPIRIT" didn't miss the target.

Screenshot (1692).png

But opponent's monster "HAUNTED SPIRIT" had a very useful"Heal" ability which restore a portion of the monsters health after each round. So this card gain extra +2 health.

Screenshot (1701).png

Screenshot (1704).png

As my monster "SCREECHING VULTURE" having the "Opportunity" ability, this monster will target the low health monster first. So as the first hit, this monster attack on opponent's monster "ELVEN CUTTHROAT". This monster has very low health(only one) so this monster was down with only one hit.

Screenshot (1705).png

My opponent was having a good amount of damageable monsters. He was having two monster called "HAUNTED SPIDER" and "CYCLOPS" with 2 Ranged attack power. These two monsters hit very hard on my "NECTAR QUEEN" and damage -4 health.

Screenshot (1706).png

After the 1st round as per rule, all the "Non-flying" monsters start taking 2 Melee attack damage. I was using 3 "Flying" ability monsters so wasn't worry at all.

Screenshot (1708).png

Screenshot (1712).png

Screenshot (1714).png

Screenshot (1716).png

But I don't think opponent had any idea about this "Earthquake" rule. So he didn't use any "Flying" ability monsters. As a result, all of his monster take 2 Melee attack damage. The funny thing is, due to this 2 Melee attack damage because of "Earthquake", my opponent lost one Melee attack monster called "SKELETON ASSASSIN" and one Ranged attack monster called "HAUNTED SPIDER".

Screenshot (1717).png

And again like the 1st round, "SPIRIT SHAMAN" and "TOWER GRIFFIN" start the attack on opponent's "HAUNTED SPIRIT" at the 2nd round. This two hits take that monster down.

Screenshot (1718).png

After that only one Ranged attack monster was left which can't hit my monsters because Ranged attack monsters can't attack at the first place. My "NECTAR QUEEN" blow a single hit on "CYCLOPS" and the monster was dead.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (1719).png

As I won this match, I got 2.27 Dec and +68 League Rating.

That's All For Today.

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Thanks for reading the post to the end. I'll come back with another splinterlands blog again.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Of course, rules are important.
So, you got the Earthquake ruleset and it seems you tried to use the ruleset in the perfect way with so many monsters with the "Flying" ability.
You're getting better at it, dude.
Keep on battling.