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RE: Splinterlands Battle Challenge with WAR CHAANG.

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This person really don't understand the basics of the game.
I was unable to see the rules of the game.
I noticed is almost only melee attackers your opponent used, so I presumed is only melee attackers that are eligible to fight.

Now just like you used Melee attackers that have the snipe ability at the back that's what your opponent should have also used.
But I feel your opponent lack some of the game basics.
Meanwhile you would have still won cause you had a legendary, epic and upgraded cards.
The defeat wouldn't have been a total annihilation.

Just my observations. Nice cards though.


nice observation, dude.
yeah maybe that opponent doesn't understand rules that much but I'm also bad at these rules.

Hi! You totally DO understand it, it seems!

Yes, the ruleset was Melee Mayhem meaning only melee monsters could be used. However, this week's Battle Challenge was to use the War Chaang (the elephant) which has both melee and ranged, allowing it to be used in this battle and giving quite the advantage.

And you are quite astute to notice his ever-so-slightly better deck than his opponent, and the use of a Legendary.

Great observations!