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The game always pits overpowered players against the weakest ones. On ladder 3000 rated vs 1500 rated or worse. There is a 0% chance the lower player wins.

The game decided that there aren't enough players that want to invest in #5,000+ decks, so their solution is to let them beat the lowbies to a plup.

It is not a fun game. It is not fair. They want 'liquidity' so they create games that the noobs get crushed.

Almost everything is wrong with it, which is why I already sold 40% of my collection and ready to sell the rest on land hype.

Their solution to MORE BOTS to create matches. Oh the joy.

They don't want to 'slow down' the game for those people with $5000+ decks. OH forbid! If they had to wait 5 minutes for a 'fair match'. Better just let them crush a noob instead.

What concepts!


They cant point to anything they wants.

Perhaps they made mistakes. PERHAPS the game isn't ready for level 10 cards.

MAYBE they could have used forsight and limited it to level 6 cards until they got more players.

Instead, they went ALL in on the PAY TO WIN. The level 10 cards right from the start, creating a pool of players that range too much, and illiquid matches. Right? If today we had no level 10, but max level 6, A LOT of these problems wouldn't exist.

Blunders IMO.