Weekly Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 131-Today Art Concept: Lir Deepswimmer

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Hello, everyone in-hive communication

Hi I am back again with a new splinterlands Art Weekly Contest post

I really enjoy sharing my post with hive communication, I find myself very happy and smiling while drawing some of my pictures. I always like to draw some beautiful things like nature. I like nature a lot and I enjoy its honesty and beauty

I am extremely happy to be again Participating in the Aplinterlands Art Contest. and thank Splinterlands for such a beautiful Arrangement. By this, we can develop our talents. by this, I am getting emotional and financial liberation.

thank again and hope everything goes well..

This is my new participate in The Splinterlands Art Weekly Contest

Week 131


Today Art Concept: Lir Deepswimmer


There was a time when Lir was just a middling summoner of the Anenon School of water magic, but that changed forever one day when his small ship was capsized in a sudden (some might say unnatural) storm. Lir might have had a common life, he might have married a young girl from the Archipelago and settled down with mere ambitions of summoning at the grand arena of Mount Mox. But it seems the forces of the seas had other plans for the young man.

As the great waves of reckoning grew in size, rocking the vessel and everything aboard from side to side, Lir tripped among ropes of the anchor line and became tangled. When the ship finally rolled over and succumbed to the waves, Lir, along with the heavy anchor, was dragged down to the dark depths.

In most situations, being dumped into the drink would not be a hindrance for a water school summoner, especially one as young and strong as Lir. But entangled with the anchor, Lir felt his strength leaving as his lungs burned for air. As his body failed, his will to escape blazed within, and a spark of pure crisis in his soul changed everything in a moment. Fueled by a desperate desire to survive, Lir's magic suddenly surged to new heights as he called on the creatures of the sea to aid him.

The Serpent of Eld was the first to hear the powerful call of the summoner, and he was luckily lounging in a nearby cave. The great Serpent, who can swim faster than any other creature in the sea, took off immediately to answer the call. The cry of Lir’s spirit was so strong that it also commanded the attention of a lone Coral Wraith in the yawning depths. Moments before Lir was overtaken by water, pressure and darkness, a powerful wave of magic from the Wraith below removed the anchor from his leg and Lir was free. Not a moment later, the mighty Serpent of Eld swooped by, tearing toward the water’s surface with all the speed he could muster and carrying the summoner on his back. From far below, the Coral Wraith continued to assist, creating a vacuum, a reverse whirlpool that increased the already breakneck speed of the Serpent as he careened toward the light of day. They say that the Serpent and Lir breached the water’s surface at such great speed and force that they flew miles into the air before they came splashing down.

Some say that genius is what happens when a strong mind meets serendipity, finding itself in the right place at the right time. For Lir, now Lir Deepswimmer, it was in that triumphant moment of crisis and salvation that his research truly began. The wildest creatures of the Untamed deep had listened to his call; this would change everything for Lir. In the years since the sinking, Lir’s hair has turned a deep, rich blue, which most presume to be a magical side effect of having swum so deep. Deepswimmer’s power, fame and genius will venture deeper still.


How to Draw of art Lir Deepswimmer

Keep an eye out for how it Draw

The drawing was made in my hand
with .....

Necessary Materials

1. Pencil

2. Color Pencil

3. Poster Color

4. Color Paper

5.Poster Color

See The First look

At First i Draw the outline with pencil


See next look


See next look


See next look


See The Final look


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