The survival of the strongest? I do not think so. - Sometimes it is a matter of Strategy. "SPLINTERLANDS·

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There are people who, when they encounter great adversity, decide to withdraw without fighting because they believe that they will not be able to face it or simply step aside when they cannot overcome the great challenges that are presented to them. And it is generally assumed that the strongest are assured of victory on the battlefield, but it will not always be so.



Victory does not always depend on the great strength you have, of course strength is useful, however it is not everything. Sometimes even a large army is not enough to beat a small one and that can only be achieved with strategy.



Splinterlands is a game where powerful, legendary and high level cards are a great advantage, but they will not always be enough when it comes to winning a battle. That is why I want to share 6 battles that I have won against higher level monsters in which I always used level 1 monsters, while my opponents used level 3, 4 and even level 5 monsters. However, they were not enough to defeat me, because I learned to create game strategies and use the rules as a tool in my convenience.


Many players decide to withdraw from battle when their opponent uses monsters of higher levels than he could, so they simply retreat, but not me!




Watch the Battle Here


So all those who are just starting out and meet giants along the way should not pass out. Learning to use strategies and work with what you have is only a matter of time.




Watch the Battle Here

With each battle I have learned to know what to use when there are certain rules of the game, and to know that not only should I use monsters that hit hard, their abilities are also important when it comes to battle.


Watch the Battle Here



Watch the Battle Here

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I totally agree with this! I see so many battles that at first glance appear to be obvious... but strategy and placement is more important than level.
I LOVE that you have so many examples of you destroying a higher leveled team. #hawt
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