Selling a few Splinterlands cards to level up my deck

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Earlier today, I placed cards that I do not use for sale. By late afternoon, I saw the Dec on my account. No time to waste and I went to to buy a few cards that I had been hoping to grab.

The ones that I bought were the reward legendary - Sacred Unicorn and the Pyromaniac to level to blast.


During my early days on splinterlands, the one mistake I did was to buy so many cards instead of leveling up the necessary ones. So, lesson learned and I now try to make use of all the dec I earn to level it up slowly.

Recently I maxed my untamed earth summoner- the wizard.


Unfortunately, although I loved the Kraken. I rarely use it now and it was gathering dust. I can give a hint to new players that the Kraken is really useful for bronze and silver leagues.

What if I got a lot of money? That is what I am hoping because if Hive rises then I will be able to buy a few special ones like the Lord A and max a few summoners too besides leveling up my commons.

Of recent, the potions are working great and I also hope to buy a few dice packs. I just wish the price of hive shoots up to fulfill my splinterlands dreams, lol.

I am now in Diamond three and hope to reach champion three at least and whether or not I reach c3, I am sure I will reach Diamond 1 before season ends like usual.

I should be careful not to drain my ECR though like last time because the earnings from dec are really crucial if I want to earn something decent from the season and also pay my guild fees. I am proud of belonging to the NEoxian guild which I used to watch from a distance a long time ago. There are spots open and if any one would like to join our guild, you may approach the guild Officer or the owner, Mr.Dragon himself.

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Well, if you have not heard of Splinterlands, you may want to sign up and try it out. The first step would be to buy the SPELL BOOK and fight those monsters. I promise, you will be awed and fascinated.


I never remember using this Pyromaniac

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@tipu curate

Thank you :)

Maximizing the most important ones is a wise decision, but did you sell your Kraken? He is one of the best cards to defeat Yodin Zaku.


I know, it was sad parting with him but then I needed to level the Unicorn. I hope to buy him back though