Splinterlands Season Is Over: My View On It

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How are you all doing, hope you all are good and how is the splinterland journey going, it is interesting as before or it is now the other way round. To me, this season isn’t that easy at all upon the new updates where each league now have their own separate leaderboard which now give each user in the same league the chance to compete with each other and fight for who will be at the top.


My reward as a gold league member last season was full of dec, some cards and portions, am even beginning to thinking when we will start exchanging portions for dec in the splinterland world lolz. The battle was tough especially the rating part, imagine the scenario where you will battle with a user who has a lower rating than yours and you won, you will receive +3 ratings and if you lose your rating will be deducted with -33 at times which now make it more difficult to play, because you have to win lot of battles before you can recover your lost rating which is so tiring at time and not to us along but also affecting our energy capture rate. At times I will play to the extend that E.C.R will be drained to 20% and I have to wait for days before it is recovered. How is the rating been calculated is still something we don’t know. Seriously it is tiring.

If something can be done, it will really be a good thing, all battle is precious so is our rating, when a high rating user defeat a low rating user, at least maybe +10 should be added as the minimum, just saying thou. Another season have started, let see how things will be, let us battle for that top position.


Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

nice reward cards including that kretch traveller! Keep playing splinterlands and post awesome contents!