Does anyone know why @splinterlands dropped to only 6 users in the las ...

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Does anyone know why @splinterlands dropped to only 6 users in the last 24 hours on ?


It's got to be an error of some sorts. I've seen that many players today myself.

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Ah okay, so it looks like an error on #HiveDapps part? @therealwolf

  • Only showing 6 users.

@splinterlands @aggroed

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Looking into it.

Thank you @therealwolf 😊👍

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Has been resolved. I'll let State of the dApps know that the data of past days was corrupted. Thanks for letting me know!

Awesome.. thanks!


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P.S. Thank you for the work You did for, I use it regularly + the sites that use your API :D

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I don't think it's 6.... it's probably 6K, shows Splinterlands
to have 6.22K

If ever that 6 users in the last 24 hours is true, then I myself comprise about 17% of the total daily players! 🤔😆😅


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