A legendary and 2 gold foils from 5 packs. The cards were a little dis ...

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A legendary and 2 gold foils from 5 packs. The cards were a little disappointing but I did get a few new cards.

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Let me guess... 🕵️‍♂️ The Gloridax Magus and the Sporcerer were your new cards. 🤔😆😅

You got it partially correct. The Gloridax Magus is a new card but the Sporcerer wasn't. The other new card was a gold magma troll.

I don't consider it your "new" card. 🤔 You just got a gold version of a card you already have. 😅

I consider gold and regular cards as different unique cards. I hope to one day have enough gold cards to participate in the gold tournaments but I keep taking DEC out to fund my dividend tokens.

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