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something new im playing with 2 #RAISETHECONTENTBAR
i promised @clove71 that id make more SL content.
i may use these when i microblog on LEO & POB about SL investing 2

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I love the animation! Did you create this yourself? Can you tell me more about #RAISETHECONTENTBAR?

Btw, two Untamed Boosters out of 7 draws? That's an amazing reward!

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@randumb! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @ahmadmangazap.

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#raisethecontentbar is a personal challenge im taking to scale up what ive been posting over the last 5 months.
make static things more entertaining & find more creative ways to post things that are not usually appropriate on most platforms but make it make sense.

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That's a great thing to do... I'm thinking of doing a personal challenge as well.

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im taking a class for premiere pro, breaking down templates, while following along with guides. it takes for ever to make everything but learning how to create the basics of the trends & make your own templates it goes faster

thanks for the pizza

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