Is buying Legendary & Alchemy Potions in Splinterlands a good idea? πŸ€”

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I am thinking about buying 5 Legendary Potions & 5 Alchemy Potions (using DEC) before opening an UNTAMED Pack in #Splinterlands. May I know what Splinterlands players out there think about this plan? πŸ€”

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According to @clove71, you should never open packs without potions. Every pack takes 5 of each potion to get the best chance. It doubles the rate at which you can get a legendary or gold foil card. She knows more detail and she has useful articles to learn about the game.

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Thanks! I would check out @clove71's Hive profile for useful info about #Splinterlands.

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No, it's a bad idea since you obtain them from dailies and it's better to buy individual cards not packs unless you feel really lucky.

I obtain only 1 Loot Chest per day at Bronze 2. I very often get only a 5~10 DEC or a card worth $0.01 or $0.02 from the said chests.

Thanks for your opinion!

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If you are not buying packs, then getting them from the daily quest and season rewards also work. It's not like the packs are going to run away.

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I used to get 1 Reward Chest on Daily Quests and 5 Chests on Season Rewards when I hadn't spent yet on the game. Now at Bronze 1 after spending a lot of money, I still get 1 Reward Chest daily, and will get 9 Chests as Season Rewards. πŸ€”

Can you teach me how to play that game? πŸ˜†

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You already played #Splinterlands during its Alpha stage. You currently have about $26 worth of owned cards in your deck.

Wow, talaga bro? Di ko alam na may value na yun πŸ€£πŸ˜… $2 lng bili ko dun dati akalain mo yun?! 😁

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Dito mo makikita kung gaano na kalaki ang halaga ng mga baraha mo. πŸ˜…

I see, pano laruin to bro? nakalimotan ko na kasi hehehe

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Merong "How to Play" sa mismong laro. Kung paano maglaro ang tanong mo ay hindi mo na kailangang magtanong. πŸ˜…

Ay oo nga pala 🀣 ang tanong ko pala dapat ay paano magka time para makapaglaro? πŸ˜†

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Pahinga ka muna sa trading! πŸ˜…

Dalawang beses ka na nagtanong kung "paano maglaro" bago mo napansin na "mali pala" ang tanong mo. πŸ˜†

Potions are a must, I learned it the hard way so whenever you have any pack's to open make sure you also have potions even if you have to purchase them ... they are super cheap and you can pay with paypal.

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Thanks for the advice!

I have decided to buy Legendary Potions and Alchemy Points until I have 5 of each whenever I open an UNTAMED Pack. I use DEC because they are (currently) about 10% cheaper than using Credits.

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That is a great idea, in fact I am collecting potions as well seems i still have some more pack's to open ;) ...

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I smell Legendary Gold Foil cards from here! πŸ€‘πŸ˜†