Is Splinterlands having a server problem right now?

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Is it just me, or is #Splinterlands having a server problem right now? 🤔 I can't do any battles in the game. 😐

The transaction could not be found. There could be an issue with the game server.



It's not just you. I couldn't get into a match and I checked the discord server. They said it is down right now.

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Maybe they could just make a quick announcement on their website that the server is having problems, since they are already aware that there is a problem. 🤔

Yeah i think it is a server issue. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, I NEED MY DEC :)

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@jfang003 said that he checked the Discord server of #Splinterlands here and found that they (most probably the admins) are aware that the server is down right now.


Do you mean that you want to earn DEC, or do you want to withdraw it? 🤔