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I has been a while since I did a general gaming post. I did write about making guitars in Rising Star and I have now made seven of them. I am up to 16th in the rankings, so get some extra HIVE each day for that. I have enough fans so that missions can make me enough to buy twelve packs every three days or so.

I have had a little luck with packs. I got another legendary musician and a legendary car. With some swaps and by saving up I have most of the vehicles now. Those boost my fans, but I need to do lessons to get skill to counter the ego. I do swaps with various people to get the instrument cards I need to optimise that. It is generally a good idea to get as many unique cards as possible to boost your rank, but you just need one of each. I hope I can get the trike soon, but will have to be lucky to get the yacht as prices are too high for me to buy.


We should be able to craft drums in the game soon and I hope to see further missions too.

In Splinterlands I am still limited ot the Gold league, but am gradually levelling up cards with my winnings. I got a nice amount of DEC this season and a gold card.


The pack I won was not too exciting. I am not generally buying packs as I prefer to level up the cards I have from the market.


The Splinter Elites guild I am in has a few free places if you want to join. You earn extra DEC by being in a guild, but are expected to contribute some to level it up.

I still play @dcity, but it's pretty passive. The tax is pretty high and I buy the odd card to occupy my citizens to earn a little more. I am really not sure which cards are the best to get.


I see others getting a nice income from the game, but as with all of them it is the big players who tend to reap the rewards, which allows them to get even bigger. In Splinterlands some huge accounts stay in lower leagues to win the season reward packs, leaving me with no chance. I do not really play these games for the money anyway. It is a little diversion to pass some time. I like the cards and the community in Rising Star. Splinterlands has the challenge of the battles. I guess if play dCity out of habit and it takes up very little time.

I know there are other games out there, but I do not really want to spend more time on playing as I have other things to do.

To battle!


check the amount of skill you have there that is crazy. no worrying on the amount of drunks passing by there.

rising star is still doing the job for me well honestly..I enjoy getting packs and trying to get new instruments, so back in the top 50 here now.

Splinterlands I have lost a bit of attention to honestly, and even sold some legendaries for hive in the week which I traded... I guess that tells you exactly how the general feeling out it is now

I need lots of skill to keep the ego low. Sometimes I will get 10,000 drunks, but someone was telling me you can lose them by putting whiskey cards on the market. I just try to do a few lessons. I have enough instruments to get quite a lot of skill from those.

I just treat Splinterlands as a bit of fun. My collection must be worth a bit, but I'm not eager to sell for now.


holy crap dude, yeah surely put some bottles on the market many do you have? (you can always send one to me as I have none hahahahaha)

but then when you have so many skill that also creates serious rewards per mission, so it remains looking for the balance!

I can earn a lot of Starbits now. They get spent on more cards. I'm up to 15th in the rankings, but it will be tough to get higher as others have far more cards.

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Looks like you are doing fairly well. I just bought five more packs and opened them yesterday in Rising Star. I got that special event Valentines card I think. My Splinterlands rewards this season were crap. Not even worth posting about!

I got the Valentines instruments already. They will have to keep producing new cards to keep it interesting and as some hit their limits.

Yeah, I expect we will see some St. Patrick's Day stuff next!

Could be. I expect a few themes are planned.

First, congrats
Second, how mucho fans do you have? I go slow in the game.

I have quite a lot. I bought a fair few cards and I have played a lot to get this far. I'll send you a couple of cards.


nice stats :)

Really. I thought I was getting somewhere in the game then I see this. lol.

Thank you for the cards
I wont have those numbers some day. Really dedication, again congrats

I have to learn how to build guitars with Rising Star too

Just have to do the missions and collect the parts.

Thanks for reply

as with all of them it is the big players who tend to reap the rewards

Have you checked out Exode by @elindos? It's not quite finished yet, but it's playable and it promises to give the bigger players unique cards rather than overwhelming power. This was emphasized in a review of the Game Manifesto.

Exode is the first blockchain game I'm interested in, although I won't have time to play it. It looks like an immersive sci-fi game with a gripping story about survival and space colonization after aliens almost wiped out the human race. You get your own planet with unique materials and lifeforms.

I haven't tried it. A good story can help, although I don't read all the Splinterlands 'lore'. Getting a good balance of rewards is tricky. I know Rising Star had to add things like ego to limit what bigger players could do. It's basically building an economy and we know how hard that can be.