Changed my strategy for this season. Trying to do something differently. Let's talk about it.

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a fresh week ahead.
In this video I have talked about my strategy and planning taking this season. Next 24 hours going to be more busy for me that is why I decided to skip for next level that is diamond League. Previous season I missed 4k DEC token due to carelessness. Actually I was busy and fail to make attention at last moment in leaderboard and missed the chance with only two rating margin. In this season I am focusing 40 loot chest. Yesterday skipped through advanced. I know that my cards are not good enough to make place in diamond leaderboard so I am satisfied what I am going to get with the end of the season. Recently I upgraded my few monster, especially taking their speed and attack. What's your strategy taking this season. Plz leave your opinion in comment box.
Have a splendid season

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