This gaming season will finish with some change in leaderboard. My strategy, plan and expectation.

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a very lovely weekend..
In this video going to talk about the gaming season that is going to end within 2 days.. Previous season I was eligible for 2 UTbooster pack and I get that but now in this season there is some change made by the team. Now if you make place in leaderboard then you will get DEC token instead of booster pack . It will be (4000) similar to worth booster pack . Previous season my rating was 3009, now in this season my rating is 3039. It means I am sure that I will remain in Gold League leaderboard. From today I am not going to play more battle. Few minutes before finished my quest. If some change occurs in leaderboard, I will go for more battle, otherwise no. It is so because last two day becomes more difficult to won the battle.Most players of high ratings are active only in the last 2 days, so it is never easy to beat them.
Best of luck for this season..
Have a splendid weekend.

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Very nice. I am stuck at gold-I as I don't have enough cards to cross the barrier.