24 HOURS Left Until the End of Season is Here! Let's Go!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys! The time is here again!! Another season-ending is here! There are only about 24 HOURS left now! Get in as high as you can in leagues for more rewards and if you place in the TOP 50 you will receive Untamed packs! It is another exciting season-ending and I am so surprised by the great players jacekw and bji1203's rating OMG it has passed 7000!!! They are so awesome! I wish I was half as good as those guys!! I need to do better but I am happy with my 5000 rating, LOL! I doubt I will battle much today as if I lose I will lose so many points and fall FAST! So many people are battling now! I will try to catch some tournaments though this weekend for sure!

Please do not forget about the current #steemhostiletakeover! Support the Steem community by voting for our Steem witnesses, not Tron's sock puppets without any pictures or purpose. Check out this awesome video of who the top real Steem witnesses are by olegw HERE. You can also show support on Twitter with your voice and STEEM hashtags! Let's go Steem community! We got this! Together we are strong!

Steem On!

Chris Love @clove71

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

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I finally made back into champion league!! I’ve only made it once before and that was months ago. I got within 3 !!THREE!! points last season but crashed hard. I guess maybe be I should thank Justin Sun for distracting everyone so I could sneak in? Nah. His unending nonsense has placed me dead center of camp f**k him. Surely I’ve grown as a player. Yeah... that’s probably it. 😁

Also don’t forget to f**k Ned. #fuckyouned

Good luck, everyone!!

Wow!! Congrats to you!!’ That’s awesome! Yeah I hear you on the whole JS war! I am definitely exhausted from it. I hope it all works out for Steem in the end! Have a heat season ending and weekend!

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So exhausted... I kind of took to day off, probably tomorrow, too. But I’m off work Monday & Tuesday so I’ll hit it hard again.

Oh! I don’t know if you’re into podcasts but I listen to behind the bastards hosted by Robert Evans, who is kind of anarchistic leaning with over 60k followers. I reserved a Steem account in his name and I’ve been slinging stuff about the takeover his way all week. Yesterday he reached out to inquire about it, followed me, and I dm’d him his account keys.

I really hope he’s looking into it. This is the kind of thing his show is all about. I think it could draw a lot of attention. He hadn’t done anything with his account yet last I checked but I’m following him and humbly request everyone else make him feel welcome. He has a couple of shows. The other is worst year ever. It’s a deep dive into political candidates/issues. Definitely the kind of attention we want to get.

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Let's go~!!

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Yesssss!!! 😀🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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