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Ciao Splinterlanders!

In this video I'll show you the new version of the Splinterlands Web application for Smartphones.

The features are the same as those you can find on the site, some of them in fact refer you to the same and have not yet been implemented.

In the future you can be sure that we will see it evolve further, until you can download the actual application from Android and Apple stores.

Below you can see how to add the app to your home screen (screenshot created by @splinterlands):


Thank you for reading and watching, a big hug and see you soon!


Logo by @ran.koree

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Thank you for sharing ALL THE PLACES!

I really like the app too. I didn't think I would... cause I'm too old to like to do things on my phone. 🤣 But, it has surprised me. I feel like everything is very easy to use and see... and battling is quite enjoyable.

... if I'm at home I prefer to play on the big screen...I'm old too!!🤣🤣🤣
But if I'm not Smartphone can be useful!😉✌️
Happy Easter!!🤗

Thanks DEX for this valuable information! Is there this Web App for iOS? Do you know? I don't know about it. Let me explain better, for Iphone 5s I have not found it.

Ciao!!! Un amico mi ha detto che con Safari è riuscito ad aggiungerla alla sua home...
leggi il suo commento qui, magari ti trona utile...

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