MeanderingLands: Will the Steem-Tron wallet indirectly help Hive?

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I'm just thinking out loud while I badly play splinterlands.

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Ok, so note to self. Don't do this 100% mobile in the future. Or stick to portrait mode, I guess. 🤨

There. Fixed it by also uploading to YouTube. May as well just do that, I guess.

Strange hearing your voice lol but cool to know you are human 😂

robot-shaming :P

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i think it will be a mess! as you say many will come to earn a couple of bucks fast! Then as the time passes (maybe justin will do something again) and check as you say hive,dtube etc etc they will come over. They will see some difference and stability here and many will stay!

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First time to hear your voice after all these years. I was enjoying it. Regarding Tron on Steem I think that it is a cool new feature and I am happy for all those still on Steem. As you say, it might bring new people into the greater ecosystem. Personally, I couldn't care less as I have left Steem for good and certainly not coming back to earn some extra TRX.

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Yeah, it seems unsustainable. But I guess that's crypto, for you.

not sure why but always thought you where a female. hahaha oops sorry :)

This is a interesting post, which points out the unique interconnectivity of D-Tube, as it connects three ecosystems, and serves as an awareness point of all three chains. Its free advertising and potentially could lead to crosss chain networking, which would soften the harshness between chains now.

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