Splinterlands - Battle of the Week - Dragon Summoner - The Confidence of Daria Dragonscale

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In this Splinterlands Battle of the Week I use the Dragon Splinter with Daria Dragonscale as my summoner to defeat @gimoki in a Stamped Eartquake Ruleset Battle.

Cards used to win the 34 MANA Match:

Cthulhu - 11
Corrupted Pegasus - 6
Black Dragon - 6
Dragon Jumper - 7

Link to the Battle:

Get a deck of Splinterlands cards and catch me on the battlefield:

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A great selection of cards, unlike your opponent you paid attention to earthquake!

Good win!

@tipu curate

haha thanks... finally started paying a bit more attention to the rulesets... thanks to your comments!

It does tend to help!


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done with the lineup.
Keep on battling.

Good battle!