Splinterlands - Battle of the Week - Sea Monster - The Serpent of Sea Leads the Charge

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In this Splinterlands Battle of the Week I use the Water Splinter with Arlic Stormbringer as my summoner to defeat @krammier010 in a Fog of War / Healed Out Battle.

Cards used to win the 26 MANA Match:
Sea Monster - 8
Phantom of the Abyss - 10
Creeping Ooze - 1
Feasting Seaweed - 4
Furious Chicken - 0

Link to the Battle:

Get a deck of Splinterlands cards and catch me on the battlefield:

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I love the way you pay no attention to whether the rule set favours the monster, just one hit and that's it!

@tipu curate

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done on the battlfield.
Keep on battling.