Splinterlands - Battle of the Week - Feral Spirit - 9 Lives or Maybe More?

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In this Splinterlands Battle of the Week I use the Life Splinter with Tyrus Paladium as my summoner to defeat @oog in a Back to Basics Battle.

Cards used to win the 32 MANA Match:
Shieldbearer - 8
Feral Spirit - 3
Mantoid - 6
Air Elemental - 5
Magi Sphinx - 5
Armorsmith - 2

Link to the Battle:

Get a deck of Splinterlands cards and catch me on the battlefield:

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odd choice of card for a lose all abilities rule set, still it worked!

@tipu curate

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Looks like quite a fight!

Nice line-up, I've been using a lot of those for Life splinter myself lately.