Splinterlands - Battle of the Week - Grim Reaper - Reaping the Benefits of an EPIC Squad

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In this Splinterlands Battle of the Week I use the Death Splinter with Zintar Mortalis as my summoner to defeat @kanica in an Unprotected Stampede Battle.

Cards used to win the 40 MANA Match:

Lord of Darkness - 7
Corrupted Pegasus - 6
Prismatic Energy - 8
Grim Reaper - 6
Phantom Soldier - 8
Fallen Specter - 2

Link to the Battle:

Get a deck of Splinterlands cards and catch me on the battlefield:

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Nice victory - Trying to win with mine but it's put me on a massive losing streak like usual.

@tipu curate

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thanks a lot for the tip!
this one didn't seem fair...

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Well done there.
Keep on battling.