Splinterlands - Battle of the Week - Exploding Dwarf - Never Got The Chance To Blow

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In this Splinterlands Battle of the Week I use the Dragon Splinter with Daria Dragonscale as my summoner to defeat @macspowerbro15 in a Standard Ruleset Battle.

Cards used to win the 99 MANA Match:

Robo-Dragon Knight - 11
Exploding Dwarf - 5
Molten Ogre - 9
The Vigilator - 9
Diamond Dragon - 10
Cornealus - 10

Link to the Battle:

Get a deck of Splinterlands cards and catch me on the battlefield:

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@tipu curate

Thanks a lot for the tip

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Haven't played this game!
Is it on the blockchain with NFT's

Yes! It’s one of the first (and definitely the most successful) games on this chain! You should check it out:


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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Stay strong in battles and good luck!

Good battle!


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