How to reach diamond stage with level one splinters

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In this video, I was trying to explain how to reach diamond stages in splinterlands game with level one summoners and level one splinters expecially for newbies, diamond stages is achievevable but only when a level one splinters follow the rules and regulations of the game. Every game as is own tactics and game plan but we don't know them we might find it more difficulties.

Some of the steps to follow for newbies and those with level one summoners and splinters which find it difficult to reach the diamond stages:

✓Always maintain your Energy capture rate (ECR) by make sure it is not below minimum of 80 to 85 percent and maximum 90 to 100 percent because if it below 80 percent, it's possible to lose so many games and play between this line involve high risks capture rate by the others players.

✓ Always stick with the rules of the game if you don't want to lose so many games, understand the rules of every game play is very important in splinterlands game, example like melee attack can be use in different positions, monsters lose all abilities, etc. All this rules are very importance if you want to win the game.

✓ On daily quest, always take your time to play your quest with right summoners, don't play death when you have options life but because they give death as quest then you want to use by force, it's not done that was because if you do that you can end end up lose so many points and before you know that you will find yourself in sliver or gold level.

You can watch this video to see how I explain it with the best of my knowledge. Thanks you so much and see you in another time.

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