FarmFarmer.Farm and Mythical.Farm integrate DCITY and Splinterlands cards for sale.

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Hey, so, if you visit and you'll notice a little something new. There are now DCITY cards and Splinterlands cards available for sale. To purchase them send Farm (which we'll burn).

I'm still looking to trade NFTs for other other NFTs. Next on deck is Rising Star Games. We'll integrate their stuff into our FARM and MYTHICAL markets. Have art? Have splinterlands cards? Want FarmFarmer NFTs now that you can trade the stuff more easily? Hit me up in discord.

Why should you support these games?

hive-engine doesn't just code itself! We're working on a free android app for Beechat and a mobile wallet for hive-engine. We're adding ethereum and ERC20s as well as wrapping services for hive-engine tokens to the exchange. We're putting together a Uniswap like exchange for hive-engine. All of these things cost money. Hive-Engine makes money, but spends more money than it makes so it can develop more cool stuff and eventually be able to advance in a more diverse ecosystem of smart contracts, services, websites, and servers.

If you think a strong hive-engine is as critical to the ecosystem as I do please consider buying these NFTs, these tokens, or figuring out something you'd like to trade for them like tokenized art, other NFTs, or time spent coding. Alternatively, you can vote my proposal to fund hive-engine development.


Great stuff. I'm an avid spliterlands and rising star player so wil be great to have the addition options. Will definitely check this out! Well done on the integration so far!

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Excellent! Glad to see greater integration into the HIVE ecosystem.

I am Very Curious @aggroed, What Happened to ?? When I go to Access That Site I get This


I Have Tokens with Value on that Site Still. Can You Update me on When we will be able to access those tokens and the Wallet Again ??

I dont know if its permanent or not, but per discord the new site is

It is amazing!!! If all cards sell out, will you add NFTcards more? @aggroed

I decided to invest too much in mythical. If my question ok, Mythical will be the best game!!!

Awesome art.