dCITY [ABSTRACTION?]... and a Future with 'Blockchain Historians'...

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Earlier today I was checking out some of the games on the Hive blockchain. I've heard a lot of people rave on-and-on about the gamification of blockchain becoming the future.

I play Splinterlands sometimes, and it's pretty cool, but today - I decided to venture a bit and check out a couple of the other projects.

I saw Exode... which I thought was pretty cool after watching the videos. I liked the idea that you can alter the universe forever in a gaming environment - leaving your mark for those who play in the future.

That is one of the awesome things about blockchain... the changes that are made are immutable (they can never be altered - at least, the captured state of the blockchain at the very moment of each transaction is a permanent record). Which takes me to this next idea...

Imagine this: In the future, there is a career path to become a 'Blockchain Historian' or a 'Blockchain Forensic Researcher of History'... Something along those lines.

Can you imagine how interesting it would be?

Blockchain historians, digging back into the transaction history, trying to identify and unlock the secrets of anonymity. Trying to find out who destroyed what planet, who attacked what solar system... and much more.

Because the 'ownership' factor allows real people to own real cyber-property. All of this, inextricably linked to the sporadic and deep humanity within all of us.

Which takes me to the next idea... dCITY.

Imagine these historians going back to identify how cities came into being. Eventually, how entire cyber-civilizations failed to survive over many years, and how others created empires.

You might think I'm a little out to lunch...

You look at a game like dCITY now and see the simple interface, the many cards and stats. It looks a little like a complex monopoly...

But... I don't think dCITY is really dCITY yet... I think it's just the foundation... and it's under construction.

Much like the real world has it's own rules, laws, or mechanics - so must an environment like dCITY.

Once the rules and laws are set up, they can become a system of subsets to create abstraction from - an abstraction that actually works with the blockchain.

It's like the way computers started out as circuits running binary (they actually started out as 'punch-cards,' but that doesn't really apply). I'm talking about electronic computers.

We figured out how to break down anything into the simplest form by using just two values - ON or OFF. 1 or 0.

After we figured that out, we began to develop what's called 'assembly languages' A.K.A. 'low-level languages' that worked with the binary to create more complex logic. This enabled us to create logic with AND, OR, IF, THEN... etc.

These assembly languages were the first level of what is called 'Abstraction.'

After the creation of assembly languages, we then started creating high-level languages, also known as 'Syntax.' These are the languages that most people are a bit more familiar with (like Python, R, Javascript, etc.)

That syntax is just an abstraction of the assembly languages.

The final level of abstraction is what the end-user sees. It is the final product that each person experiences in the GUI (Graphical User Interface). If you are unfamiliar with what that is - it's what you are seeing right now... It's how you see the words on this screen.

(well... the words on the screen are ASCII format... which is another binary system... but whatever).

Come on man! Is there a point to any of this?? Hurry up & Get to it!

Yes, my point is this:

When we look at what dCITY is now, I think we're looking at the 'binary' of the environment. One day, I think the system that is being developed to 'rule' how certain elements of the game interact with one another, will be the lowest layer of the game.

What would it look like?

It would look like real people wearing VR gear, walking down the streets of property in a cyber-world, going to work playing games.. and trying to earn enough currency to buy their own shops and businesses in a REAL cyber-world...

Shops and businesses that WE own...

A completely different reality, three dimensional, ultra-realistic, and capable of providing the financial necessities one needs to survive with an external physical body.

Imagine this, for a moment...

Those people, walking around, finding EASTER EGGS left by the founders and original owners of game properties.

EASTER EGGS left behind by the pioneers of blockchain... by all the members of crypto community that help drive it forward with their contributions... all OF US!

How cool would that be?


I'm liking Dcity been playing since the start.

Ya, it seems pretty cool. I'm barely getting started, but I see the market place is really active!