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RE: Sorry To See @steemchiller, @glory7, @rakkasan84, @wonsama, @fenrir78 And Many Others Get Shafted

in #hivelast year

Though i can see your point.

I see it this way, there was an argument on both sides ... and so now The community on Hive decides if they get tokens.

There's an argument though that these users prefer to be on a chain with @justinsunsteemit so why would they even want to go to hive?

However they can appeal to the community and if any are steempeak users we're happy to help them appeal to the community on hive.


I don't have anything against Justin Sun, does that mean I should be shut out of Hive?

I have nothing against many of the people going over to Hive, but excluding people because they don't follow the "Justin Sun is the enemy" line of logic is not very decentralized. I thought decentralization people would want independent thinkers.

Anyways I have nothing against you having your point of view either @jarvie, and I hope you look at he list of people and find out for yourself if there are any that you should "vouch" for. I know if I was on that list, I sure as hell wouldn't appeal to anyone. I would think you were ok with me not getting HIVE and think you and all the witnesses supported me not getting it (so I imagine others that got screwed will feel the same way). If you want to protect your customers, I think you might want to take that suggestion. It only takes a few minutes to check the list and I know for a fact there are steemmonster players on it.

My point of view is that let's encourage the community vote for them ... many people don't think most of those 300 accounts never even once wanted to be a part of hive. But i think a bunch of them are interested. So let them know ... let's see how the the decentralized decision making works. We have yet to try it in this situation.

I didn't just look at the list... I looked at every single profile of those 300
There were a couple of them that actually seemed interested in Hive.
The record of their blockchain even states that they have interest that's hard to dispute... i think they'll get plenty of the community to vote for them to get hive.
Granted it's not a huge number but those individuals have interest in the hive chain at the very least.

I commend you for looking at every single profile. Hopefully you can vouch for a few and get the decision overturned on them at least.