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RE: Sorry To See @steemchiller, @glory7, @rakkasan84, @wonsama, @fenrir78 And Many Others Get Shafted

in #hivelast year

I love you brother and you're straight forwardness. I agree 100 percent. I have been trying to check my hive balance all day but can't. For all I know, i might be on their list. 😆😀🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


The wallet on the official site doesn't work but the one on Peakd does.

Thanks brother. Looks like i got to figure out how to sell it.

Last I checked, trading at about 0.25 cents ....

are you able to transfer HIVE or powerdown yet? I tried both just to check it and neither worked for me.

Transfering HIVE can be done via

I believe a node change in KeyChain is required but there might be other ways as well.

As for poweringdown.... the only information I have about that is if you started a powerdown on Steemit before HIVE launched then that means your HIVE will also be in Power Down mode. You could try starting a STEEM powerdown to see if it triggers for HIVE. Powerdown might also be possible on

ok cool... I will keep checking... I'm not in any hurry, I was just testing to see what could and couldn't be done. Thanks for getting back to me @rentmoney!

Thank you very much @johndoer123! And I checked the list and didn't see you :D