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RE: Sorry To See @steemchiller, @glory7, @rakkasan84, @wonsama, @fenrir78 And Many Others Get Shafted

in #hivelast year

I'm pretty sure this was partly done to counter the fact that many of Tron were moving into proxy account ie a fear of buying to sabotage Hive.
The list was a pure bot with no human input hence why the list is so harsh and ignore people who voted but support Hive as well.

There is an appeal process as the stake can be restored or so I heard.


I wouldn't exactly call it an appeal process, in their own words its a "forgiveness" policy.

Hey @sames... I think you are wrong about that list. If you dig into who created the list, I think you will find out more than you think. Some of the names on that list pissed off a few whales over the years, so I highly doubt they got excluded for their threat to sabotage HIVE. Many were very small stakeholders that had less than 100 Steem, so it is clear in my eyes this is blocking those that piss off the leaders. If they do it now, you can bet they will do it later. So be careful out there ;)

Good to see you and hope you do well however things workout over time!

Naw I disagree it just happened they fall in the same category as the script fits the requirements.
Correlation is due to the disagreement but is not the cause of it

we can agree to disagree :)