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RE: Hive Power Up Day - The countdown is ticking

in #hivebuzz5 months ago

Ohhh the countdown timer is a really good tool to help those who are participating in the challenge, but are in a different timezone. Like me! Thanks for the update. I look forward to that badge. 😊


Where are you located @arrliinn? Yes, we want as many hivers as possible to join! It will be awesome!🙂

I am in the UAE. :D

Well, the timer has started! Don't miss the window 😉

Done! I got my badge too, though I'm not sure it will not be a very muscular bee! 😁🐝 Happy to have joined #hivepud this month. 😊

hahaha, it is still a power bee, no matter how much muscles it has! Thanks for joining the initiative @arrliinn🙏❤️🐝