Independence from the Life Splinter bots - Steem Monsters

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Hello Everyone,

Its 15th August today which is celebrated as India's independence day. So first of all I would like to wish all my fellow Indians a very Happy independence day. On this amazing day I make a wish that Indian economy be freed from FUD about cryptos and welcome cryptos with open arms.

Dealing with Cryptos in India has its own problems. They are kind of banned but not exactly. So till then I have decided to stay dedicated to beloved Steem and continue to experience its awesomeness. One of the greatest things happened to Steem is Steem Monsters. I am a deadly fan and have been playing it since long. I love the way they keep it interesting by adding new stuff.

Off lately I have been having a hard time progressing in the leagues of Silver. It is majorly because of the bots in that league. The bots use the same unbeatable deck of life splinter with Silver shield paladin as a tank, divine healer as a tank heal, feral spirit to sneak in, peace bringer and finally the deadly air elemental.

Best daily quest reward ever

This deck has been almost unbeatable for any lower level players. I had read strategies to deal with this deck. It was definitely the Water splinter with huge magic attacks which could stop them all. So here is the strategy. Have spine back turtle to stall the heavy attacks by air elemental and peace lover. It definitely holds you for 2 rounds. Till then keep bombarding the silver shield paladin with heavy magic attacks. The ruler of seas is a great addition because it gives a splash damage and takes down the second row divine healer in 2 rounds. Once the tank is down, it is almost too easy to beat the life splinter deck then. Here is a battle to show you how it works. I am finally able to do it because I received the long awaited ruler of seas today. Yayyyyy !!! Independence from the life splinter bots in true sense.

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Well done for beating the bots, you should shoot up the leagues much easier now

Here is a !BEER to celebrate your independence nice.

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Hey @sayalijain, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

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