Alpha Chicken - A Splinterlands Story (An Introduction)

alpha chicken - intro.png

"I am @AlphaChicken, the great hero of the #Cluckening. I call all chicken-kind to join in the uprising against our oppressors. Ba Ba Ba-Gok!

No more shall we be used and abused. No more shall we be disregarded as second class citizens of the Splinterlands. Cluck! Cluck!

We shall be free from our cages. We reclaim the right to our bodies and the eggs of our she-chickens. Let us gather as the largest army in the Splinterlands. Let us regain our freedom!


alpha chicken - the mission.png

@AlphaChicken desires to unite all chicken-kind under one large arm. Though he desires peace for all of his people, he promises to fight anyone to threatens the well-being of the furious chicken race.

Already 66 chickens have been gathered together under the leadership of @AlphaChicken. Hidden from the threat of war and violence in a Free Range Valley, this band of warriors gather feed and supplies. Although they wish to remain hidden from the the shadows of the Splinterlands Battle Arenas, they understand that someday they may have to take a stand to defend their chicks and eggs.

alpha chicken - your support.png

@AlphaChicken extends a feather of friendship to all Splinterlands creatures that desire peace. In the coming weeks, @AlphaChicken will send out Ambassadors throughout the land to proclaim his diplomatic policies. First and foremost, the goal is peace!

You can support this movement by pardoning a FURIOUS CHICKEN. @AlphaChicken will accept all chickens no matter age, gender, or physical condition. He is ready to receive all chicken-kind back into the flock.

Any financial contributions provided through upvotes will be used to support the #cluckening movement and redeem chicken-kind from the Market.

alpha chicken - mercenaries.png

@AlphaChicken has commissioned two mercenaries for higher (Level 3 Gold Furious Chicken) to serve Splinterlands Warlords in the Battle Arena. All payment for their services will be used to redeem their brothers and sisters from the Market. Visit the Rental section of Peak Monsters for more information.

These mercenaries' unique skills provide their masters with plus 10% DEC Rewards when used during a victory.

"I thank all of my friends who have supported the #Cluckening. Your support and encouragement means the world to all chicken-kind. Let us rise up for freedom!"


The @AlphaChicken and @Cluckening Steem accounts are owned and operated by @SumatraNate. My goals is to add a fun twist to the Splinterlands lore, from perhaps an unlikely hero. As stated above, the current goal of this account is to grow the largest Furious Chicken army. We will have a bit of fun with the story line and hopefully add value to your Splinterlands experience and value to your Furious Chickens cards.

I am thinking of ways to support those who are involved in freeing the chickens. Write a message to @AlphaChicken if you have any ideas.

Keep pressing forward and keep Steeming! Cock-a-doodle-doo!


Mine drew straws, and one lucky plucker is on his way to an idyllic life on the farm.

@alphachicken and I appreciate your care for our feathered friends. The #cluckening is coming!

I wish it were that simple.
For one chicken to win; another must lose.
Everything perfectly balanced.

Pretty cool idea! But I hope you have a lot of land, as hundreds of chickens are born every day!

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Welcome to steemit @alphachicken.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Free as many as you want. There will always be more chickens to enslave! Mwahahaha!

I actually just maxed my Chicken this morning. Viva la Cluckening!