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RE: Hello Steemit You Bold, Beautiful and Sexy Beast!

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Welcome to STEEM, @goldstreet!

I have recently become one for collecting Silver, thanks to the STEEM Silver Round, but I have not dabbled in gold yet.

I hope you enjoy your time on the platform.
Some other great STEEM-based apps are:

Kind regards,
~ @CADawg


Thank you @cadawg for the warm welcome. I'm delighted you have started to dabble in precious metals they are a very reliable fall back when the stock markets get into trouble. I will also check out those dapps for sure, thanks for bringing them to my attention.

Yeah I am glad, although I must admit I got a bit of stackitus from the 2019 round, and bought 2 2018 rounds and a 2017 round.

Hope you stick around & enjoy those dApps!

~ @CADawg

Good for you man on those rounds, keep collecting them. Thanks for the vote on my comment but forgive me as I'm learning does your vote on my post appear elsewhere or does it take time to show?

Oops! I didn't vote your post. Voted now!

Have a nice day,
~ @CADawg