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RE: Hello ! This is my intro post!

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Ooooh! Another gamer gal!
I see you are in good company!
Welcome to the party!
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If you are familiar with DISCORD come join us there! 😍
Minnow Support Project PALnet Discord

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Thanks for the welcome and pleasure to meet you !

Thanks for the discord invite ! :)

I see you two ladies have met already .. @cuko if you plan on writing about Splinterlands more often, @carrieallen is a curator hunting for great Splinterlands content.

How are you btw @carrieallen? I was planning on writing a post today for SL (haven't even posted in 6 days on my main account woops) Real life.. ;)


Real life is a REAL thing. 🀣
I've had a LOT of new folks joining the contests so upvoting has become more of a math problem. I try to wait until it goes back up, but it's becoming harder and harder every day! Which is totally great!

I'm headed out to a school today for a carnival fundraiser (I run a nonprofit and I created the carnival, all the games, and do all the things, then the schools get to keep the funds they raise. I'm just there for the party ;) )... so if I don't upvote you for a day or two- don't be sad! I'll do it! πŸ₯°

I plan on writing something about everything that I started to play on this last week ! ahaha
But as you say @anouk.nox real life, slave job. Damn hard to write good content!
@carrieallen congrats on your work both as a curator as well as a carnival fundraiser organizing ! So nice of you ! I hope you also have fun ! <3