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RE: Hello ! This is my intro post!

My favorite from your list of video games would have to be Warcraft which I started playing like in 2005. I've not been a translator but was learning some Vietnamese when I taught English in Vietnam. I'm a gamer. I'm really into Mario, Nintendo, some RPG games, car racing, etc. Glad you are here on Steemit. What does Aveiro mean? Sounds beautiful. Cryptocurrency is kind of hard to explain but it is kind of like digital money.


Hey @joeyarnoldvn!
I haven't played WoW in a long time tbh, but I have played a lot of Nintendo as well and if I had to choose just one type of game it would def be RPG's.

Aveiro is the most beautiful city in Portugal, the so-called portuguese venice, you can check it on the web, but I leave you some pictures I took:
Aveiro Sunset

Btw I know the basics of crypto but I really need to know more.

(Sorry for the long reply)

I especially like that last pic of your city. I love Paper Mario. I love the decentralization of crypto.

Thanks for the resteem @joeyarnoldvn ! :D