Thank you kind sir for summoning a tip bot, I believe that it gave me 1 Steem - nice. I am curious as to what other tip bots might be around and how I might be able to access their services, or is it a kind of exclusive club only?

Sorry for the late reply, I have been a bit distracted with all the drama haha. No it is not exclusive. @tipu you can use for voting or tipping but it is one of the last proper bots I think, I don't use the others which you have to delegate to and will probably get a vote in return other than that there are the steem-engine tokens and the ones like beer,engagement and coffee have bots which can be summoned to share the tokens. I just like tipu it is a convenience thing.

Hey @penderis thanks for explaining all that, there is tons I have to learn! Yes tell me about drama, what a time I've picked to join this platform. Oh well onwards and upwards...hopefully!