I had Untamed fever tonight and spent all my dec on 10 packs and potions...

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opening 10 untamed packs.png

Ater some sales I felt the need to buy a few packs again

I have to admit that I didn't have too much hope to find great cards today, I mean @shoemanchu opened them all today (so it seemed lol). But then I noticed some sales came through, so I thought why not buy a few packs. I had enough to buy 10 packs and potions for all these cards. Let's see how surprisingly well this opening went compared to my last round of opening a few packs.

gf epic.png

As you can see the very second card I opened was an epic that turned gold, woohoo!! That's very encouraging to open more of them, right?

2 legendary.png

Wow, did this just happen? Did I just open 2 legendaries in this next part of the pack openings? At this point, I thought it couldn't get any better. I mean, compared to the last few openings where I lost money, this is already super sweet. So let's see what else is in there, maybe some more golds?

Drake of Arnak almost leveled up!

gf rare.png

Another satisfying opening here. With the last airdrop, I got enough Drake of Arnak summoners dropped to combine the cards to a level 3, missing only 4 cards to get it to level 4. I saw one really cheap on the market not long after the airdrop which I bought, still being 3 cards short. As you can see, I now only have to buy one more to combine the summoner to a level 4. Nice! Let's not forget the joy of opening a GF rare card, hello ice pixie! Welcome home!

2 legendary and a gf common.png

Time to open the last 5 cards of the 50 I had in total. I didn't expect too many great cards as for some reason the last cards I open are often not really interesting. But look at that, a legendary, a gold foil common, another legendary and also an epic! Wow!

Let's break that down

If you don't know where to find these stats yet, go to MonsterMarket.io and click on analyze openings. You can now fill in your username and amount of packs to see an analysis of your openings.


I think when looking at the stats of rare, but especially epic and legendary cards, this is quite a sweet batch of cards for the small number of packs I opened. Tomorrow I will go through the cards and decide which ones I will keep to level up and which ones I will sell. I have noticed that I don't really feel the need to keep all the golds I was collecting before, because it's actually only confusing me when I have to select a team. Probably I will sell these, or if they have rental potential, they will be put in the lease market when they have a good level.

Did you open any good packs lately? Leave a comment below!



Holy crap! That was super great for 10 packs!
😍 @carrieallen


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That's what I thought!! It was nice to open quite a few good cards in only 10 packs. Thanks for stopping by @carrieallen! <3

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