Battle on Splinterlands

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Sharpening the strategy of war by observing various battles is one way to win.

Even though I am new to Steemmonsters fighting in the world of Splinterlands it is not a barrier for me to share stories.
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Fighting in Splinterlands one of which is to obtain DEC token. Dark Energy Crystal. In addition, at the end of the contest several cards will be distributed free of charge with varying amounts, of course according to our ranking. I myself only got a reward at the end of the contest with 5 cards. Very interesting is not it?

I still on Bronze III level in this contest season. Indeed, as a newcomer, for me it still feels difficult to rise in rank. The hope is to get to the Gold rank, although clearly in that direction there are of course many obstacles.
Experience is the best teacher, therefore @wongbraling must learn a lot and keep learning. Get knowledge from you.

To this day, I only have 63 cards. Buy one starter pack and one untamed card to be my capital following the fight with the best fighters.

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Indeed, as a newcomer, to this day I have only produced 33,749 DEC, not a significant amount.
Screenshot 2020-01-04 13.49.13.png

But, of course I realize that everything needs a process right?

Therefore, I still really need your support and help as the best fighters.
As in the reality of life, losing and winning often occur. But, defeat is certainly not a reason for us to despair. Because it is losing and winning rolling and spinning like wheels. But, with that defeat we can learn, then look for strategies in order to win in the future. And that victory is also not the reason we become complacent, but must be used as energy to be more enthusiastic.

And this is among the battles that have been fought a while ago
Battle 1
Battle 2

Of course, whatever it is, still as a newcomer to Splinterlands I still really need a lot to learn, and of course the help and support of you seniors and experts in splinterlands as a best fighters and battlers who have much needed rankings and experience are very much needed. Thank you

This is my entry to the contest held by : @kingscrown on this link