Hive weekly updates and how to create a Hive Wallet for Splintertalk forum

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Another week passed, and my Hive portfolio is looking a bit smaller, but the token numbers are going up, at a snail speed.

Hive: 1571 - $638(+31)

Leo: 1290 - $404 (+9)

LBI: 200 - $100 (zero)

SPT: 927K - $253 (+8K)

CTP: 2035 - $30 (+5)

CTPSB: 50 - $31 (zero)

LENM: 25 - $47 (zero)

POB: 1483 - $1022 (+57)

BROFUND: 3 - $5.39

Total: $2530 ($2655 last week)

The total value is $125 down this week. Until end of June, I plan to reach at least 1600 Hive, 1300 Leo, 1 million SPT and I am very close to the 1500 POB. I was also playing with the idea of doubling the CUB from 1000 to 2000, but the value of it went down a lot, so at the moment I will go for 1500 ( which is still 500 more than the beginning of the month, thanks to Kingdoms, even if the amount degenerated quite quickly from 300% to the today CUB APR of 9.78%. So, no chance for 2000 very soon. I will keep the 1500 in the CUB Den for some daily profit (70% APR). These week I have also added BROFUND to my list, adding a little more every week.

As I was asked by few of my friends, how to publish on Hive, I will give you some pointers in the right direction. First, you need a Hive wallet account. If you are playing Splinterlands, you already have it, just go to the settings and ask for the private keys to be sent to your email. Be careful and save them or write them somewhere, as they are sending you only one email. If you lose them, is quite difficult to recover them, and you may never get your master key back. So you lose your crypto on that wallet. If you don't have a Splinterlands account yet (Are you living under a rock, seriously? He He!), then you can access this link to easily make an account on HiveOnBoard. Once you have the wallet account, you need to to download the Chrome extension called Hive Keychain (you will use this to easily log in to every Hive forum or Hive blockchain game), and you log in there using your required private key. Hive is a bit confusing for a beginner, as you have not one, but five keys, to use for different levels of activity and security. You have the Master one, which generates the other four, and then you have Owner key (vote, change or sell tokens, exchange the other 3 keys), Posting key (use it on social media and forums), Active key (use it for tokens exchange, buy/sell) and Memo key (quite useless, to write a message in the memo id feature). Congratulations, now you can log in on every forum or game on HIVE blockchain, including to get some SPT tokens, using the Keychain extension. You did it. 

That's all for today.

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Same here, if more than 3 people ask the same thing, i just write a post and give them the link, instead of explaining it 3 times.

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